Why Do I Get So Anxious Before A Run?

One of the best parts about running is the positive benefit it has on mental health. But have you ever wondered why you may get anxious before a run? Has it ever prevented you from getting out the door? Why when something that is good for you ultimately be the limiting factor?

For me, I face this issue EVERY SINGLE DAY! Lately, I have had the worst anxiety prior to a run or workout and the more time passes of no run days, the worse it gets. So low and behold, my anxiety is an all-time high since I backed off mileage due to an overuse injury.

The sitch?

Inflamed hips = major discomfort while running. No bueno!


No running = time for body to heal. YAY!

One would think that this tiny break would manifest more good than harm, right? WRONG!

Was I worried about “losing fitness?” Absolutely not. What pains me is the fear to get back out the door to run my scheduled mileage. I get so anxious and nervous about completing a workout that my stomach tightens in knots thus preventing me from ever leaving my apartment. Then when I finally do convince myself to place one foot in front of the other, my nerves relax and I’m flying through the miles like nothing ever happened. Sounds silly right?

I’d like to think I’m not alone in this mental battle…

Here are 5 Tips to Overcome Mental Anxiety Before A Workout:

  1. Reframe your mindset. Use this time to convince yourself WHY this workout is good for you. What purpose is it serving?

  2. Set a timer. During this compartmentalized time, do all the things you need to accomplish to prepare yourself for a successful workout ie: go to the bathroom, fix your hair, grab your headphones, etc.

  3. Develop a mantra. Develop a phrase or word to stay positive and remind yourself what you can control.

  4. Play a pump up song. Play a song that puts you in a good mood to tackle the workout at hand. Maybe your dancing shoes will skip your way out the door.

  5. Make a date with a friend. No better way to get a workout done than by having a friend join in on the fun! I promise you’ll be chatting the whole time that you’ll forget you even were running.

Have a helpful tip on how to help others face mental anxieties? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts.